The most accurate tumour monitoring procedure currently available!

A fully customized molecular genetic test to monitor all solid tumours from the blood. Signatera is more effective than PET CT, as it provides the earliest recurrence detection currently available and the most accurate treatment efficacy measurement during and after tumour treatment.
It provides faster and more accurate information after tumour treatment.

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What is the Signatera test good for?

The Signatera test is based on each patient’s unique set of tumour mutations. There are no two identical tumours, therefore there are no two identical Signatera tests either.

The Signatera test helps determine:
- if there is any tumour tissue left in the body after the operation, which may not be detected by the imaging procedure;
- how effective the given treatment is during therapy, thus improving the chances of recovery as soon as possible;
- it is able to predict tumour recurrence months in advance, when imaging procedures confirm tumour-free status.


Why is tumour therapy monitoring important?

To determine if a tumour remained in the patient's body after treatment. This information is important for the oncologist to decide:
• How is the patient responding to treatment?
• Is there a need for additional treatment?
• Are there any signs of tumour recurrence or progression?

The most common imaging tools used to detect the presence of cancer are computerized tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) scan, mammography, and X-ray.

However, these imaging tools are limited in their ability to detect very small traces of cancer in the blood called molecular residual disease (MRD). Left untreated, small residual cancer cells may lead to recurrence.

Molecular residual disease is the presence of small traces of cancer in the blood, such as circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) or microscopic pieces of tumour DNA.

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What does the Signatera test result tell me?

The test result will either be positive or negative, depending on whether it is able to show the detected circulating tumour DNA from the previous tumour in your blood. The result will be sent to you and to your doctor for your request.

Interpretation of results and making further decisions is the competence of your doctor.


How reliable is the Signatera test?

The Signatera test has been analysed in a number of clinical studies, including those published in the best-known international journals, for various solid tumours, such as colon, breast, lung, and bladder tumours.

The Signatera test can also detect extremely low concentrations of circulating tumour DNA long before cancer recurrence can be seen by traditional imaging tools (e.g., X-ray, CT scans, and MRI).

The Signatera test is highly sensitive and specific, meaning that if your test result is positive, there is a high likelihood that your cancer may recur without further treatment.

Signatera is an entirely unique test thanks to its ability to accurately identify molecular residual tumours (MRT).


When should I have a Signatera test?

After surgery

After surgery or before starting additional therapy (such as chemo, radiation, other)

During therapy

During therapy, to determine its effectiveness of the therapy

After therapy

Shortly after the therapy, or even years later, to monitor MRI and to assess the success of the therapy



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