Signatera packages and prices



Price (HUF)


Signatera DESIGNER- Designing a personalized liquid biopsy test

Identification of a specific tumour- molecular genetic "fingerprint" for personalized liquid biopsy. Complex assay from surgically removed tumour tissue and fresh venous blood (white blood cells).


4-6 weeks

Signatera FOLLOWER - Personalized liquid biopsy test (blood sample analysis)

Detection of circulating molecular residual tumour DNA in blood. Can only be requested after Signatera DESIGNER or in PACKAGE.


2 weeks

Signatera PACKAGE 1

Signatera DESIGNER + 1 Signatera FOLLOWER liquid biopsy examination (at start time or for follow-up)


6 weeks

Signatera PACKAGE 2

Signatera DESIGNER + 2 Signatera FOLLOWERS liquid biopsy examination (for follow-up, or 1 start time and 1 for follow-up purpose)


6 weeks


30 minutes consultation with our expert before Signatera test has been taken or to interpret the results. It is deducted from the price of the test ordered and is non-refundable.



Tumour tissue suitability examination before Signatera test

Sample logistics, histological specimen preparation and incision, pathologist opinion (tumour designation and amount of it in tissue), administration. It is deducted from the price of the ordered test and is non-refundable.



*TAT - turnaround time

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