Dr. János Kósa

Dr. János Kósa Ph.D., Molecular Biologist and Immunologist, Managing Director of Pentacore Laboratory.

He completed his university studies at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), then he worked in the Molecular Biology Research Laboratory of Gedeon Richter Plc. He was one of the first people in Hungary to use robotics in the research of new and effective drug compounds. He is the CEO of PentaCore Lab Plc., which is Hungary's leading private molecular biological laboratory, and he is a senior research fellow at the Department of Internal Medicine and Oncology at Semmelweis University, and head of the molecular diagnostics laboratory.

His research interests include the early and rapid diagnosis of established and inherited genetic diseases (e.g., cardiology, bone metabolism, cancer), and supporting the selection of therapies through genetic testing. He has significant experience in the development and operation of clinical diagnostic techniques (CE, IVD). During his professional career, he gained extensive experience in the following areas: oncology, molecular biology, next-generation sequencing, biotechnology, medication research. He has published more than fifty articles in international and domestic journals, his high scientific metrics being the hallmark of his work.

Dr. Bálint Tobiás

Dr. Bálint Tobiás, Ph.D. is Senior Research Fellow at PentaCore Laboratory, and Specialist in Signatera Tumour Therapy and Panorama Prenatal Screening.

He graduated as a Pharmacist in 2010 from Semmelweis University and in 2015, he earned a PhD. degree.

Hi has a scientific interest in genetics, more specificly in oncogenetics.

His commitment to the topic is evidenced by the fact that he also disserted on the genetic testing of thyroid tumours in his PhD dissertation. He has published papers in several national and international journals.


Dr. Szász A. Marcell

Dr. Marcell Szász, Ph.D. earned a general medical degree at 2006 and a PhD. degree at 2012 from Semmelweis University, followed by his specialization in Pathology in 2014. 

During his studies, he made longer visits to Charité and Karolinska, and overseas to Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University and University of Chicago. His scientific interest is focused on application-oriented projects, with particular reference to the identification of pathobiological processes and biomarkers in breast cancer and other solid tumours. 

He is the recipient of numerous Hungarian and foreign scientific awards and a member of professional societies. He has been the Secretary General of the Hungarian Society of Senology since 2014 and the Scientific Director of the Oncology Center of Semmelweis University between 2016 and 2019.

He is a clinical researcher and pathologist in the European Cancer Moonshot program.


Prof. Dr. Péter Lakatos

Professor Dr. Péter Lakatos is the Deputy Director of the Department of Internal Medicine and Oncology at Semmelweis University and the Head of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory.


Prof. Dr. Dank Magdolna

Professor Dr. Magdolna Dank is Deputy Director of the Department of Internal Medicine and Oncology at Semmelweis University, Head of the Department of Oncology. She received her general medical degree from Semmelweis University in 1986, and then, in addition to the internal medicine examination, she also specialized in clinical oncology and clinical pharmacology. She is a member and the founder of several domestic and international scientific committees. In 2008 she has received the Knight of Cross from the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic. She was appointed to be university professor in 2017. In addition to her teaching activities, the number of her professional publications exceeds one hundred and fifty papers.


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