Who are we?

The PentaCore Laboratory is the Hungarian distributor of the Signatera ™ test.

For more information, please consult your doctor, check out our website: www.signaterateszt.hu or visit the PentaCore Laboratory:

PentaCore Genetics Clinic and Laboratory: 1094 Budapest, Bokréta street 5-7.

PentaCore Laboratory and offsite sampling at Semmelweis University First Department of Internal Medicine: 1083 Budapest, Korányi Sándor street 2 /a

Who are we?

Natera Inc.

Developer of the Signatera test.

The purpose of the establishment of Natera Inc. was to improve the early detection of genetic diseases during pregnancy using their own innovative technology.
Their leading products give opporturnities for millions of pregnant women and their families to learn about their child’s genetic health, thus supporting families on the path to parenthood.
Utilizing their extensive expertise in reliably examining tiny pieces of DNA circulating in the blood (cell-free DNA), Natera has now developed a test for patients with cancer that, from a blood sample, detects molecular residual tumor (MRI) for the early and accurate detection of tumours. The mission of Natera is to change the way how diseases are treated worldwide, improve reproductive health and care options for cancer and organ transplant patients.


PentaCore Laboratory

Hungary's leading Gene Diagnostics Laboratory.

PentaCore Laboratory is a unique, customer-centric healthcare provider in Hungary that actively contributes to the development of a health-conscious society.
The laboratory was founded in 2008. It primarily develops and performs world-class molecular biological assays in its molecular diagnostic laboratories in Budapest, which have the best available facilities.
These tests include the detection of genetic mutations that may predispose one to various pathological and other disease conditions, assays related to personalised tumour therapy, as well as a number of modern tests that can only be found at the PentaCore Laboratory in Hungary.
In addition to its wide range of services in Genetics, the PentaCore Laborary is the exclusive representative of the California-based Natera Inc. in the field of carrier-, fetal diagnostics and oncogenetic testing.


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