What does the Signatera test result tell me?

The test result will either be positive or negative, depending on whether it is able to show the detected circulating tumour DNA from the previous tumour in your blood. The result will be sent to you and to your doctor for your request.

Interpretation of results and making further decisions is the competence of your doctor.

Positive Signatera test result

A positive Signatera test result indicates that tumour DNA has been detected in your blood.

Positive result in early stage (primary tumor)

A positive result means there is a higher risk for your cancer returning. Consult your doctor for additional treatment and tumour monitoring options.

Positive result in case of metastatsis

Prior to receiving your treatment, you will most likely have a positive result. Your doctor may use additional Signatera tests to determine your response to treatment of metastatic phase cancer.

Negative Signatera test result

A negative Signatera test result indicates that tumour DNA was NOT detected in your blood

Negative result in early stage (primary tumor)

A negative result means that you are currently cancer-free.

Negative result in case of metastasis

A negative result after your treatment may mean that the therapy was able to decrease the amount of cancer cells to levels undetectable to the Signatera test.

It is important to emphasize that even the most reliable test cannot be perfect!

Despite the highest level of professional knowledge, a negative outcome can change over time.

A negative Signatera result does not guarantee that tumour DNA was not detected in your blood, nor that it will never be detected in the future. Therefore, we recommend the Signatera test for periodic use over the course of your cancer care- as in agreement with your doctor,- to detect any tumour DNA that may appear over time.

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