How is the personalized Signatera test performed?

1. An in-depth genetic test will reveal the mutational pattern of your unique tumour.

The DNA in healthy and in tumour cells is examined separately at high resolution and the resulting data is compared to obtain a mutation pattern specific to that tumour. This is the first step in the Signatera process and it should only be performed once for each patient from the tumour tissue received from surgery as well as the EDTA blood sample submitted with it.

2. Custom designed and personalized

Next, 16 mutations are selected that have occured early in the cancer’s origination. These are called the clonal mutations and are also present in later forms of the tumour cells. This step only needs to be carried out once for each patient.

3. The Signatera test detects circulating tumour DNA or lack thereof from a simple blood sample.

Once the personalized Signatera test has been completed, the presence or absence of circulating tumour DNA can be detected in your blood with high accuracy. This step can be repeated several times, after surgery and / or during treatment and can be repeated afterwards.

How long does it take to get the results of the Signatera test?

It takes two weeks for the complete and official order of Signatera test to obtain sequencing results for the submitted tumour tissue.

It will take an additional three weeks to perform a personalized test based on the individual mutations, the results will be available to you and your doctor.

Analysis of each additional bloodsample takes 2 weeks as of the arrival to Natera’s laboratory. For the analyses, the individual mutational data is also required from the first steps of the Signatera process.

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